Astro-WISE Manuals

Astro-WISE architectual design
The architectural design of the Astro-WISE system - July 2003
General User and Development manual
This document describes the Astro-WISE data reduction environment and is updated frequently.
Distributed processing
Distributed processing means that certain recipes, like processes, can or will be executed on specially devoted processors.
The concept of context facilitates access of data related to specific projects or Surveys.
Software implementation of the photometric system
Software design document,  written for those who need to know every little detail of the photometric pipelines.
Astrometry Report
The methods, performance, and accuracies of both the local (chip-by-chip) and global (all chips and pointings at once) astrometric solutions as performed by the Astro-WISE Information System is explored.
More documentation ...
for the Astro-WISE and OmegaCAM projects.

External Documentation

Principles of CCD Data Reduction
HTML primer for CCD data reduction by M. Schirmer.
IRAF CCD Reductions Guide
Compressed PostScript version of the IRAF specific primer by P. Massey. This document is highly IRAF specific, but gives a good overview of the principles of CCD reductions.
Introductory Material on Python
Contains a large number of introductions, tutorials and other miscellaneous information on Python: the development language of Astro-WISE

OmegaCAM Manuals

Weights in the OmegaCAM pipeline software
Description of the weighting scheme in the Astro-WISE system.
OmegaCAM Data Flow System - User Requirements
This document defines the user requirements which must be supported.
OmegaCAM Data Flow System - Calibration Plan
This document describes the implementations of the calibration procedures both at the VSTelescope and for the data reduction.
OmegaCAM Data Flow System - Users and programmers manual
This document defines the detailed data reduction procedures to be applied to raw data frames including input data and algorithms required, as it is perceived within the ESO-DMD environment
OmegaCAM Requirements
Here is an list of all the calibration requirements for OmegaCAM. These are the detector electronics (5.2), detectors (5.3), detectors operational (5.4), astrometric (5.5), photometric (5.6) and the internal calibration (5.7).

Additional Software Manuals

Python manuals
The awe prompt basically is a python prompt.
SExtractor software extracts sources from astronomical images.
SWarp software resamples (regrids) and co-adds FITS images.
Leiden Data Analysis Center (LDAC) Pipeline documentation.
Eclipse software library manipulates FITS images.
PyFITS provides an interface to FITS formatted files.
Matplotlib (pylab)
Matplotlib is a python 2D plotting library.