Data searching and viewing

GoWise DBViewer
Two online viewers of our Oracle database, one 'quick and easy' the other 'advanced'. GoWise allows you to quickly locate and preview, download and inspect the quality of images and source lists. With the DBViewer you can view, filter, sort and download content of all tables in the database and generate your own SQL statements.

Image services

Dependency Cut-out Color Image Maker
With the Dependency Cut-out you get per source the CCD cut-outs of the science and calibration frames on which its data reduction depended. The Color Image Maker allows you to create an RGB image from calibrated science images (i.e., RegriddedFrames and CoaddedRegriddedFrames).

Database "editor"

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This tool, the calibration timestamp editor, makes it possible to edit the timestamps of the different calibration files and set the quality. This is the driver seat of the calibration scientist, editing  the timestamps and quality flags. It also gives a graphical overview of which calibration files are used in the various pipelines.

Viewing source code

Documentation for Astro-WISE. Tutorials, howto's etc. Browse the documentation inside the source code.
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All the source code of the Astro-WISE system is maintained with Git. This version management tool allows different users on different locations to work on the same source code. All the source code can be viewed, including all the changes that have been committed by the developers. GitLab is federating the code.

Google Sky

The Google Sky web service is overplotted with Frame, SourceList and source information from the Astro-WISE database. The database content is plotted on the scale of individual sources to the whole sky. The image data (the pixels) come from the Google Sky web service.