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Please first read the Introduction HOW-TO as it describes key concepts necessary to the understanding of how the Astro-WISE system functions.

The HOW-TOs are ordered for the beginner to become familiar with the system by working down through them in order (Don't skip the tutorials!). The experienced user should feel free to jump around and use the HOW-TOs for reference.

There also exists development HOW-TOs for those users advanced enough to write and modify their own code and to add more significantly to the system. The beginning user need not be familiar with this material.

The Manual contains all the HOW-TOs in addition to more advanced topics. Don't miss it! For more detailed information than seen in the HOW-TOs or the Manual, please see the compilation of doc-strings from the source code on the Astro-WISE PyDoc server or the source code itself on the Astro-WISE CVS server (account required: see an Astro-WISE representative).