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This is an overview of large science projects using Astro-WISE. Use the navigation bar above or the boxes below to navigate. Access to project data is regulated in our database by database projects. An overview of all database projects can be found here.

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The core of the Coma Legacy survey is an HST ACS Treasury imaging survey of 164 orbits of the core and infall region of the richest local cluster, Coma. We will observe samples of thousands of galaxies down to magnitude B=27.3 with the aim of studying in detail the dwarf galaxy population which, according to hierarchical models of galaxy formation, are the earliest galaxies to form in the universe.
KIDS, the KIlo-Degree Survey, is a 1500 square degree public imaging survey in the Sloan colors (u',g',r',i',z') with patches in both the Northern and Southern skies. The survey will use the OmegaCAM instrument mounted on the VST (VLT Survey Telescope). It is expected to start early 2008.
The Omegacam Transit Survey (OmegaTranS) is a program to detect extra-solar planets using the transit technique. It is lead by a group of German, Italian, and Dutch astronomers making use of the newly build 2.6m VLT Survey Telescope, with its 1x1 degree optical CCD camera, Omegacam.
OmegaWhite is a variability survey aimed at periods of less than 2 hours. Using the wide-field camera OmegaCam on the VLT Survey Telescope (VST) 400 square degrees will be monitored for 2 hours in g' and in addition colour information will be obtained by imaging the same area in u', r', i' and narrow band He (5015) and Halpha filters.
The VESUVIO project is a multi-band, wide-field survey of nearby superclusters of galaxies. Main scientific goals of the survey are the study of the properties of the galaxy population in the whole range of environments, from cluster cores to voids, and to study the transformations of these properties in relation to the local density and to the properties of the diffuse medium, both inter- and intra-cluster hot (X rays) and cold (HI) gas components.
These pages give an overview of the activities to be performed by OmegaCEN as part of the LOFAR project.
This page gives an overview of all projects which plan to make use of OmegaCAM Guaranteed Time. Listed are the total number of nights allocated in 2008 and 2009. Note that these allocations might change. Links are given to the projects which have already dedicated project pages on this Astro-WISE website.