Glossary of Astro-WISE concepts, services, applications and terminology

Name Description Link
Aladin Virtual Observatory image and catalogue display tool
astrometry pipeline astrometric solution astrometry howto
Awe Associations associating astronomical objects in different sourcelists- creates links in database See section 13.4 of the Manual.pdf
Awe on-line documentation manual and how-tos
Awe prompt / Awe web prompt customized Python interpreter (account required) web prompt:
Awe Sourcelists SExtractor catalogs as stored in the database sourcelist howto
bias pipeline using bias frames and overscan regions bias howto
CALTs calibration file timestamp / validation tool
calibrated science images archive reduced science images accessible in dbviewer subsection of dbviewer
co-addition of multiple images weighted stacking of images
comma separated values from archive archive output can be saved in CSV format see "Export options" at top of dbviewer query form (sourcelist example)
customizing Awe the concept of Context organizes viewing/processing data in (and for) projects context howto
dbviewer database viewer - web based html GUI for listing, retrieving, viewing any Awe datebase item
distributed (GRID) processing process jobs at any user-specified Awe cluster or node
via command-line
dpu howto
target processor
object viewer view full data lineage of any database item "objectview" link in dbview result page (obj_ID column): example
global astrometry astrometric solutions involving several (up to all) fields gastrom howto
global photometry photometric solutions involving several (up to all) fields pending
How-to concise help pages
image cut-out server get PNG or FITS cut-outs of images pending
image pipeline the process from raw images into calibrated images image pipeline howto
image preview "Picture" button in filename column of dbviewer results page example
ingest raw data into archive the first step in Awe processing ingest howto
MyDB personal context in the database, where you have delete privileges context howto
Odoco OmegaCAM DOcument COntrol system under configuration control CVS example document layout (pdf)
on-the-fly reprocessing / target processor process automatically when user requests a target
(account required for processing)
photometry pipeline derive a photometric solution from standard field data photometry howto
photometry / secondary standards Astro-Wise uses extended equatorial Landolt fields for photometric calibration photomprogressreport.pdf
photo-z photometric redshifts tools pending
Pydoc server Python code viewed as HTML
query archive the database can be queried from the Awe prompt
the dbviewer
query howto
quality control in Awe verify(), compare() and inspect() methods howto quality control of astrometry
photometric catalog inspect
inspect section of photometry howto
raw data archive raw data accessible from dbviewer raw calibration
raw science
run SWarp SWarp handles resampling/coadding of images regrid howto
coadd howto
run SExtractor SExtractor is used to create SourceLists sourcelist howto
sky subtraction in Awe optional sky subtraction during data reduction sky subtraction howto (pending)
source code repository uses Git
sql query to archive "Freeform search" box in dbviewer result page example
surface photometry Galfit Awe contains surface photometry tools based on the Galfit program pending
surface photometry Galphot Awe contains surface photometry tools based on the Galphot program pending
survey data reduction status visualisation status viewable via "select" link near date fields in target processor
target processing request driven processing (account required for processing)
time and timestamp conventions dates and times are expressed in UTC throughout the Astro-Wise system Date/Time howto
trend analysis in Awe tools to study time dependency of data items in database trend analysis howto
VODIA Difference Image Analysis to find Variable Objects pending
VOTable produced from archive archive output can be saved in VOTable format see "Export options" at top of dbviewer query form (sourcelist example)
weights in Awe the Awe weighting scheme weight scheme