Target Processor

Target Processing
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This part of the system provides a GUI for on-the-fly processing. Any object (the target)  and all it's dependencies can and will be processed if necessary.
For a given target an evaluation can be  requested.
For the actual processing an Astro-WISE account is needed. Viewing of public data is available for anyone. Processing can be directed to an arbitrary cluster or processing machine.

Cluster Queues

DPU Groningen
Distributed Processing Units. Here are links to the status pages of the DPUs of the different nodes. There you can find which jobs are currently being run.

Online Python prompt

AWE prompt
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The most powerful interface to the Astro-WISE system is the AWE prompt. Although the use of a local (shell) AWE prompt is recommended, an online webbased prompt is provided. For this service an Astro-WISE account is needed.