VST/OmegaCAM Exploration of SUperclusters Voids and Intermediate Objects

The VESUVIO project is a multi-band, wide-field survey of nearby superclusters of galaxies. Main scientific goals of the survey are the study of the properties of the galaxy population in the whole range of environments, from cluster cores to voids, and to study the transformations of these properties in relation to the local density and to the properties of the diffuse medium, both inter- and intra-cluster hot (X rays) and cold (HI) gas components. The project aims to study the "transitional' regions in between the dense clusters and the voids. In these regions we plan to map structural and morphological transitions and transformations in the properties of stellar populations. These processes relate to the hot inter- and intra-cluster medium and affect the cool gas component within these galaxies. The project is organized in several working groups which focus on the different observing windows, as well as a working group which focuses on theoretical analysis plus numerical modelling of large scale structure formation and galaxy evolution.