Omega-CAM Requirements

521pdfCCD read noise
522pdfCCD bad/hot pixel map
523pdfCCD gain determination
524pdfElectromagnetic compatibility
525pdfVerify the absence of electrical cross talk.
531pdfCCD dark current.
532pdfCCD particle event rate
533pdfCCD Linearity
534pdfCCD Charge Transfer Efficiency
535pdfCCD cold pixels
536pdfCCD hysteresis, strong signal
541pdfBias - doit
542pdfMaster Domeflat
543pdfMaster Twilightflat
544pdfNight Sky flat
545pdfFlat-field - fringing
546pdfFlat-field - master flat
547pdfQuick detector responsivity -doit
548pdfCharacterize the illumination correction.
551pdfPosition of Camera/Chips in the focal plane
552pdfVerify Telescope Pointing and offsetting
553pdfRotator Plate Positioning and Telescope Tracking
554pdfPSF anisotropy
555pdfThe Astrometric solution for templates
556pdfThe Astrometric solution for Guide CCD's
561pdfShutter Timing
562pdfPhotometric Calibration - monitoring
563pdfPhotometric Calibration - Zeropoint key bands - doit
564pdfPhotometric Calibration - Zeropoint - User bands
565pdf{Filter band passes - Userbands vs keybands}
566pdfDependency on rotation angle.
567pdfLinearity as a function of flux
568pdfDetection limit and ETC calibrations
569pdfSecondary Standards
571pdfCamera focus/tilt
572pdfGhosts - ADC
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