The objective for this workpackage is:

  • Design and conceptually prototype a distributed information system which supports a research environment to the end users. This work package does not involve operational tasks or building the operational LOFAR database, but will build a prototype to be migra ted into the operational environment. The migration will be done in close collaboration with SOCs.
  • The information system will allow user tunable data analysis and integrates META data, archived science input and output data i nto the working environment.
  • All critical components of the prototype are data volume scalable, particularly regarding data storage, archives and processing power, leading to a system which can operate very large data bases.
  • To provide fabric software for operating the information system.
  • Supporting specific astronomical applications such as associating very large source lists (catalogues).
  • Supporting user interfaces on scripting level.
  • To advise LOFAR on data model related project management, being a key to the information system.
  • To prototype (or coordinate) VO interfaces to LOFAR data and catalogues.