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What is the Astro-WISE Environment (AWE)

The Astro-WISE Environment, or AWE, is the interface to the Astro-WISE information system. It includes several web-based tools (the Target Processor, a database editor CalTS, a database viewer DBView) and the command-line tool called the AWE Prompt (also with a web-based version: AWE Prompt). Some of these tools can be used in at least a limited fashion without an account, but for full functionality, an Astro-WISE account is required. Contact an Astro-WISE representative from the consortium page for more information.

To learn more about AWE, see the HOW-TOs on the Astro-WISE portal. They are the primary documentation for the Astro-WISE Environment. Please start here if you are new to the system.

Additional AWE documentation can be found in the AWE documents section. To see Astro-WISE specific documentation, go to the Astro-WISE project documents section.