1.1 HOW-TO Create Global Astrometric SourceLists

To derive a global astrometric solution, special SourceLists need to be made. For this purpose GAstromSourceListTask objects are used. The global astrometric solution can be derived using the http://www.astro-wise.org/portal/howtos/man_howto_gastrom/man_howto_gastrom.shtmlGAstromTask. GAstromSourceListTask Example

The GAstromSourceLists required for the GAstromTask are made with the GAstromSourceListTask. Using the DPU this can be done for example like this:

awe> dpu.run('GAstromSL', i='WFI', o='M31_?', d='2000-04-28', c='ccd50',
f='#842', C=0)


awe> dpu.run('GAstromSL', red=['Sci-#842-ccd50-Red.fits'], C=0)

When running locally the equivalent commands are:

awe> task = GAstromSourceListTask(instrument='WFI', object='M31_?',
                                  chip='ccd50', filter='#842', commit=0)
awe> task.execute()


awe> task = GAstromSourceListTask(red_filenames=['Sci-#842-ccd50-Red.fits'],
awe> task.execute()

where `instrument' is the instrument name (mandatory argument), `object' is the object name or wildcard pattern, `date' is the date of the observations, `chip' is the CCD name, `filter' is the filter name, `red_filenames' is a list of filenames of ReducedScienceFrames, and `commit' is the commit switch used to commit the results to the database. In the first example, a sourcelist is created from a CoaddedRegriddedFrame, while in the second example the same is done from a single ReducedScienceFrame.

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