1.1 HOW-TO Derive an Astrometric Solution

Astrometric solutions in AWE can be done in two different ways: on a chip-by-chip basis and globally (multiple chips at once). For the single-chip solution, an AstrometricParametersTask is used, and for the multi-chip solution, both GAstromSourceListTask and GAstromTask are used. See the appropriate HOW-TO section for instructions on how to do these:

  • http://www.astro-wise.org/portal/howtos/man_howto_astrom/man_howto_astrom.shtmlAstrometricParametersTask

  • http://www.astro-wise.org/portal/howtos/man_howto_gastromsourcelist/man_howto_gastromsourcelist.shtmlGAstromSourceListTask

  • http://www.astro-wise.org/portal/howtos/man_howto_gastrom/man_howto_gastrom.shtmlGAstromTask

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