Info page for the invitees to the presentation of three international instrumentation/IT projects in which NOVA and the RuG participate:

Press Release

Press release NOVA.
Preview of presentations, english/nederlands.
Information for the press.
Gallery of some images
Powerpoint presentation by Koen Kuijken, Edwin Valentijn and Wolfgang Wild.

Time and place

The ceremony will take place on wednesday the 13th of March 2002 in the Geertsemazaal, Academy Building University of Groningen, Broerstraat 5, 9712 CP Groningen.

Groningen is located approximately 220 km to the north-east of The Netherlands' main airport Schiphol near Amsterdam. Twice an hour a train connection takes you in two and a half hours from Schiphol railway station to Groningen. If you like, you can consult this time table for flights to and from Amsterdam. If you plan to travel by rail, consult the `` NS international train planner''.

The location of the Academiegebouw can be looked up here.


A number of reservations have been made at Hotel Weeva** and Hotel de Ville****. Please contact Ms. Hennie Zondervan (email, tfn +31 50 363 4073) if you want to make use of these reservations. Information about other hotels in and around Groningen can be found here.


09.30-10.15 Arrival / Coffee
10.15-12.15 Presentations
Welcome Prof.Dr. D.F.J. Bosscher Rector Magnificus Groningen University
NOVA Prof.Dr. P.T. de Zeeuw Director NOVA
ESO Dr. C. Cesarsky Director General ESO
ALMA Dr. W. Wild Chair, ALMA Receiver Design Group
OmegaCAM Prof.Dr. K. Kuijken Principal Investigator OmegaCAM
ASTRO-WISE Dr. E. Valentijn Project Coordinator ASTRO-WISE
12.15-12.30 Signing of the OmegaCAM Agreement
12.30-14.00 Celebratory Lunch


The Groninger Museum has currently a world famous exhibition on the Russian painter Ilja Repin (the first time his works are exhibited outside Russia). We are trying to organize a guided tour at the Museum, starting at 14:30. Please contact the secretary if you want to participate.


OmegaCAM is a 1 square degree wide field, optical, 16k × 16k camera for the VLT Survey Telescope (VST), which is expected to become operational at Paranal during the year 2003.

ALMA, one of the largest ground-based world-wide astronomy projects of this decade, will be comprised of 64 12-meter antennas working in the 0.3-3 mm wavelength range. NOVA develops the ALMA prototype receiver for the 0.5 mm band.

ASTRO-WISE will provide a European astronomical survey system, facilitating astronomical research, data reduction, and data mining based on the new generation of wide-field sky survey cameras.

NOVA (Nederlandse Onderzoekschool voor Astronomie) is a collaboration between the Universities of Amsterdam, Groningen, Leiden, and Utrecht. Nova's mission is to carry out front-line astronomical research in the Netherlands and to train young astronomers at the highest international level.

The Kapteyn Institute has been named after the founder, Jacobus Cornelius Kapteyn, who lived from 1851 to 1922.

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